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Freedom to be creative, to revitalise your current style or give yourself a total transformation by creating a new image.

Susanne Nicholson knows that in order to create beautiful extensions premium quality hair is required, offering the highest quality of hair across its range. Racoon has the widest range of colours, lengths, textures and is able to match your hair for a perfect blend.


Racoon Hair Extensions are discreet and extremely natural. The end result will be completely satisfying.  A new style will be created within a matter of hours.

Hair extensions are becoming ever more popular. No longer are they the exclusive preserve of the rich and famous. Susanne Nicholson is a Racoon trained and accredited stylist. Racoon only train professional Stylists and only supply their unique products to Racoon customers.

Racoon Hair Extensions can be used to add length, volume, highlights or a real splash of colours. Extensions allow you to do things that just aren’t possible with your own hair.

To ensure a perfect match with your own hair, the Racoon natural hair range includes a wide choice of lengths, colours, curls and textures.

It is the most effective way of adding hair. No one need know, unless you go from short to long overnight. It is the secret the stars like to keep! Use hair extensions to add shape, volume and texture.

Racoon has developed a volume boosting technique that gives more shape to your hair creating a thick, lustrous mane’ Add life to your hair, enhance your natural hair colour or explore a different side to your personality.  the Raccoon bond is kind on the hair during application and equally as gentle on removal.

Easily applied and maintained, the bonds remain unaffected by daily styling. More importantly, the bonds can be easily removed using a hair-friendly release fluid, without causing stress or damage.

All health and safety aspects have been carefully applied into the process to protect both client and stylist. In such a rapid growth market, with the demand for hair extensions doubling annually, maintaining standards is so important.

The extensions used are 100% genuine human hair/Euro Hair, and is bonded with a method that is tailored and controlled to suit each individual.

With this unique system, the sections can vary to suit the one’s texture and thickness, making them very comfortable to wear by allowing the extensions to fall naturally and blend with your own hair. Colours can be matched my mixing tones with the same application pieces, in a single bond; this is called plucking, therefore creating a more natural look.

With Racoon Hair Extensions you can still swim, exercise, blow-dry and colour with total confidence. Frustrated with growing out a short cut? Add designer lengths in 2 hours not 2 years! A few extensions can also only take 20 minutes and can dramatically change your look without you having to commit to colouring your own hair. You can also use hair extensions to add shape, volume and texture. Raccoon has developed a volume boosting technique that gives more shape to your hair creating a thick, lustrous mane. Add life to your hair, enhance your natural hair colour or explore a different side to your personality. With unlimited natural shades and 69 vibrant synthetic hair colours, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

  • They are quick and easy – get the look your client wants in minutes – Clix ‘n’ Go!

  • Available in 100% human hair and next to natural synthetic – both gorgeous, glossy and re-usable

  • Invisible micro ultra secure clip – comfortable & kind to hair

  • Celebrity style volume & length?

  • Fabulous range of colours.

Unique to Racoon, the Micro Weft is made of glossy, soft to the touch, natural human hair. The Racoon Micro Weft can be applied in less than an hour and lasts between two to four weeks. Virtually undetectable to the eye, kind to hair and comfortable to wear, the Racoon Micro Weft is easy to remove and can be re-used again and again.

Racoon Hair extensions is just one of the Wedding hair and makeup services offered by Susanne.

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With over 20 years’ experience in the bridal industry, Susanne Nicholson specialises in creating breathtaking brides' makeup and hair styles for Brides of Brisbane and its environs.

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